2018 Bridge to China

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Bridge to China will not be able to hold 2018 fall semester classes due to a teacher shortage.    We apologize for the late notice and are hopeful we can hold classes in our Winter/Spring 2019 term.    

We have been fortunate to have teachers for our 10 years in operation and hope this is just a temporary situation.   We will keep you updated by email along with updates on our Facebook and Website.   
Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.    Thank you as always for your support of Bridge to China. 


Classes are held Monday evenings at SJ High School. 

Classes at SJ High School are $175.00 per semester with 12 classes per semester.


Class levels are offered according to the age and Chinese language aptitude of the student.

Simplified Chinese characters are taught through singing, storytelling, games and many other interactive and cultural activities.





Preschool Chinese - Ages 3-6


Class is conducted in the form of circle time  and play group,  aiming to expose young children and their parents to simple Chinese expressions and sounds, through interactive songs,  rhymes, and hands on activities


Chinese for Kids - Ages 6-17


Classes are taught in Mandarin.  Focus on verbal skills  and continue  learning to read and write Chinese characters.  Level will be determined by fluency of the student. 

Chinese for Kids as a Second Language
Includes Elem Chinese Level 1, 2 and Advanced Chinese


Class is designed to develop active listening, speaking and an interest in Chinese language and culture.  Topics are real life situations relevant to this age group with role play  and discussion used to gain student involvement and interest.  The basic Chinese four tones, Pinyin, writing strokes and characters are introduced. 

Chinese for Adults

Class is designed for students who are learning Mandarin for the first time  or speak some Mandarin.  The basic Chinese four tones, radical, writing strokes and characters are discussed.  Class will have an additional aim of introducing students to aspects of Chinese culture. 



Business Chinese

Class will enhance students Chinese skills in everyday business situations and promote their understanding of the business environment and culture in the contemporary China.   It not only immerses you students in more advanced language understanding , but also introduces you to culturally sensitive business strategies.   You will become familiar with Chinese customers expectations, their concerns and needs.